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This includes the out of print Dead Music and Dead Music 2.

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Live at Lavazone
2007 CD

Our new release on Fistolo Records!

$10 post paid

Dark Molly
2007 7" EP

Our new Arkam vinyl will help your garden grow.

$5 post paid

We're dying but we ain't dead
2006 CD

Our latest Cosmodemonic Telegraph release.

Listen to Strike the Bell

$10 post paid

Mountain Dudes
2003 CD

Released on Cosmodemonic Telegraph in New London CT, birthplace of the Chimilada!

Listen to Froggy Went a' Courting

$10 post paid

Fire in the East,
Fire in the West
2005 7" EP

Recorded in Alabama by Matt Bakula. Released on Arkam records. "All killer, no filler".

Out of print

$4 post paid

Dead Music II
2002 CD

The oldies are the goodies, right?

Listen to Black Eyed Suzie


$10 post paid

Totally Awesome T-Shirt

Designed by Adam Cook, Modeled by Nome. Please indicate size and color preference when you order. We also have a fiddling skeleton design (not shown)

$10 post paid

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